Disaster Zone Teacher

Note: Not all my classes are like this, just 4 or 5 in the week. Only the older ‘cool’ boys (go figure?) If they all were like this I’d be crazy for sure!      Let me walk you through a typical Grade 2 Boys Class (i.e. 14 year old boys). I’ve learned no matter where you go in the world Middle School kids suck. They’re all at the awkward looking phase in life. They look funny, act crazy, and the most obvious hate... Read More

You might be in Korea too long when…

You actually get excited when you see lunch has squid rings to dip in red spicy sauce. When getting on the bus or subway, you do one of two options. 1. Immediately take your place at the back of the line and let the hajimas have their way. or 2. Stand your ground, elbows out and ready. Try to remember if you were allowed to throw things in the classroom, throw things out the window, sprint through the halls and teacher lounges, or yell over your... Read More

Singapore: An atrocious arrival to civilization

We arrived at the Singapore border control by bus from Melaka with high hopes. We were finally to enter an advanced civilisation, an economic powerhouse, a multicultural metropolitan ranked with the best in the world… & most importantly, TOILET SEATS!! Singapore was by far the most developed & westernised port of call on our journey, a far cry from the majority of the places we had been before. We had left the poverty-stricken north... Read More

Mud 1, Us 0

The last few places we have been we literally had no electricity, and no internet, no light, added in with drinking bad water = Rhys running to the bathroom in the middle of the night, trying to fumble his way out of his mosquito net, getting bitten by sneaky mosquitos, while trying to light a candle, in a frantic state of butt clenches, to run to our hole in the ground. What a SIGHT!…anyway, that’s a whole other blog to write! Made... Read More

I almost got punched by a 14 yr. old

Let me paint you a picture… Long day in Bangkok, walking around in HEAT getting heckled by people on every street buy this, eat this, tuk-tuk ride here… & it’s was definitely approaching beer’oclock time. We settle down in a bar have a few pints of Chang beer, (which can I add is 6% alcohol)! & this almost cute Thai boy comes up to us with flowers, and guess what? You guessed it, he wants our money. The Thumb War   the... Read More

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