Guest Post: Amazing Things to See In Iceland

Looking to take a northern vacation to Iceland, to see some of the beauty and natural wonder it offers? There are so many choices offered on this island all within a short space of one another. Here is a list of must see places to visit when you head out there. Asbyrgi This unique landmark is shaped like a giant hoof print. It is an approximately 3.5 km in length and 1.1 km wide, across part of the Vatnajökull National Park. Down around half its... Read More

Jökulsárlón: Iceland’s Incredible Glacial Lagoon

Everyday and every moment in Iceland shocked me to my core with its endless beauty. In a country with the northern lights, towering volcanoes, lava fields, and an abundance of wildlife: Iceland’s Jökulsárlón glacial lake easily stands out on its own. Iceland’s Famous Glacial Lagoon The crystal clear blue waters, gigantic icebergs bobbing up and down, the black sand contrasting with the ghostly white icebergs, volcanoes demanding... Read More

Reykjavik & the Golden Circle

Almost everyone who visits Iceland experiences this popular duo, & for good reason. With IcelandAir’s offer of extremely cheap layover deals, its easy to visit Reykjavik & the nearby Golden Circle in a weekend. Iceland itself is NOT cheap though, so make sure you check exchange rates and get a good deal on your currency exchange. Iceland’s rustic capital of Reykjavik is more like a metropolitan village than a city. You can walk... Read More

Iceland’s Nautical North

Iceland’s northern shores are dominated by seafaring activities. The largest city, Akureyi, is a bustling port, with gigantic cruise ships rolling in & out of its beautiful bay daily. Akureyi sits at the mouth of two narrow peninsulas, poking out into the Arctic Ocean, creating a stunning setting. The town itself is basically one main street, a block back from the highway that hugs the coast. Its quiet & quirky, & you would never... Read More

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