Photo Friday: Son of a Sonamarg Shepherd

  A mature young shepherd leading his herd   On our trek through the Kashmiri Himalayas we saw lots of hardened youngsters, punching well above the weight in maturity. This young shepherd was one of the toughest though. He was helping his father lead their herd of goats through the valley, wearing shoes 4 sizes to big & a heavy sack slung over his shoulder. It was sad to see a child doing such wearisome work at such a young age. The... Read More

Photo Friday: Cute Kid Covered in Color

  A cute kid covered head to toe in color!   One thing India has plenty of is C O L O R. From saris to spices, temples to tacky decorations, it’s no secret that Indians love their color & Hindus love their color festivals. Our experience was on Ganesh‘s birthday when a random guy dragged us into the middle of this fun but messy event in Bikaner. Singing, dancing & COLOR all following a truck blazing music down the... Read More

Photo Friday: Sapphire Smiles

  Cute kids in Varanasi with a brush of blue   Children in India LOVE having their photo taken… & we loved taking their photo! In Varanasi we came across a group of kids in the street who were all rather excited we had a camera.With the small streets & vibrant colors of Varanasi as a backdrop we enjoyed their photoshoot as much as they did.    Read More

Khajuraho Temples: Erotica Meets God

  Khajuraho’s Famous Gravity-Defying Pose   The temples in the small town of Khajuraho are seductively stunning. Even more impressive is that they were all built from around 950 – 1150 A.D, by a Hindu dynasty in the present day state of Madhya Pradesh. How can people THAT long ago construct these big, beautiful temples, each covered in such small intricate carvings?!   The most unique & intriguing thing about... Read More

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