Korea’s Island Escapes

Korea is a penninsula where people can’t swim and islands are abundant. Before moving here, I never linked Korea with island hopping, but on so many weekends in the past year I’ve found us running away to random beaches whenever we caught a break from teaching.  From the West Coast to the East and the South, they’ve got a little bit of everything.    Our favorites: 1. Jeju-do: Korea’s claim to fame a.k.a. Korea’s... Read More

Hallasan: Dormant yet Dominant

  Hallasan is South Korea’s tallest mountain, its summit sitting just below the 2000m mark. It protrudes from the centre of Jeju-do, dominating this quiet fishing island that lies to the south of the peninsula. Jeju-do, Korea’s largest island, was created by volcanic eruptions & Hallasan itself is a dormant volcano. But do not be fooled by this sleeping beast! It can still hurt you! It’s destruction may not be as catastrophic... Read More

The Perhentian Islands: Slumming in Serenity

Our technologically advanced motorboat allowed us to reach the Perhentians in no time & we were soon stunned by beauty of the islands. After a drop-off at the expensive island the boat pulled into Long beach bay, the backpacker haven of the islands, offering affordable accommodation. A long stretch of golden sand merging with the jungle behind, & water as clear as crystal. I haven’t seen tap water as clear as this stuff!! It was... Read More

Koh Phangan: Pharty-ngan!

Koh Phangan has one thing it’s known for… – The FULL MOON Party. It’s a M_A_S_S_I_V_E night out, so big that it has world-wide acclamation & people actually travel half the globe just for this one night of mayhem. The party is held on the beach at Haad Rai & is attended by 8-10,000 people every month. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Nicky & I could only make a HALF-MOON which is slightly smaller in terms of numbers... Read More

Koh Samui: Sun Soaking

Our boat arrived in Samui mid afternoon & after consultation we again chose the second busiest area, Lamai beach. After checking in to our new beach bungalow not quite on the beach, but an ocean view all the same… over a construction site!… we hit the beach before the sun set on another day.What was a problem however was finding a seemingly non-existent viewpoint!! After venturing the same road & attempting to ask random Thai... Read More

Koh Phi Phi: Relax & Rapture

Oh good god… the boat ride alone to Koh Phi Phi was beautiful enough, jetting passed countless islands amidst a deep blue sea as we basked in the rays on the boat deck… on a REAL boat!… & the ride wasn’t bumpy for the first time…EVER! Things were looking up after our last few days of disappointment. We docked at Phi Phi town, tucked away in a huge bay with boats dotted everywhere. Our first night we stayed in... Read More

Sihanoukville: A respite of relaxation

So, we left the crazy extremities of Phnom Pehn for the quieter beach town of Sihanoukville. We arrived after another rough ride on Cambodian bus travel & found a hostel of bungalows to stay in. A 2 minute sprightly stroll from the long sandy beach in one direction, & a 2 minute jestful jaunt the other way led us to the bars & clubs. A central location for boozing & bathing… perfect. The following morning we made the... Read More

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