Our Top 10 Korean Experiences

Our Top 10 Korean Experiences: 10. Korean Pop Music Concert KPOP. No one living in Korea can deny the catchy tunes. It didn’t take long before we were shamefully downloading the bodacious beats, dancing to them, and planning to go to a concert. We got tickets to the mother of all KPOP concerts. It turned out to be a 6 hour event with over 10 headlining artists. As everything in Korea, the concert was completely over the top. It was easily... Read More

Photo Friday: Jeju’s Statue of the Sea

  Jeju’s Statue of the Sea   Jeju Island is littered with these funny little  statues. They are made from lava rock and are often placed looking out over the sea. This photo was taken at one of Jeju’s many beautiful beaches, Hameeok near Jeju City.    Read More

Jeju’s Hot Spots

Jeju’s infamous Harubang guarding the waters at Hamdeok Beach Jeju is Korea’s top vacation spot & honeymoon island (with matching newly wed couples EVERYWHERE!). Dubbed the ‘Hawaii of Korea’, Jeju is scattered with volcanoes and boasts the best beaches in the country… although Hawaii comparisons may be a bit of an exaggeration!?! Nonetheless, it’s a must-see destination for anyone living in or passing... Read More

Korea’s Island Escapes

Korea is a penninsula where people can’t swim and islands are abundant. Before moving here, I never linked Korea with island hopping, but on so many weekends in the past year I’ve found us running away to random beaches whenever we caught a break from teaching.  From the West Coast to the East and the South, they’ve got a little bit of everything.    Our favorites: 1. Jeju-do: Korea’s claim to fame a.k.a. Korea’s... Read More

Hallasan: Dormant yet Dominant

  Hallasan is South Korea’s tallest mountain, its summit sitting just below the 2000m mark. It protrudes from the centre of Jeju-do, dominating this quiet fishing island that lies to the south of the peninsula. Jeju-do, Korea’s largest island, was created by volcanic eruptions & Hallasan itself is a dormant volcano. But do not be fooled by this sleeping beast! It can still hurt you! It’s destruction may not be as catastrophic... Read More

Haenyeo: The Spirit of Jeju

Main entry: Haenyeo. Pronunciation: Hain-yo. Definition: Sea Woman. Synonyms: fearless, female diver, mermaid, spirit of Jeju. All in a Day's Work Haenyeo are extraordinary woman, unlike anyone else. Everyday they plunge into the dark depths of the sea searching for anything that can be eaten or sold to support their families. These woman use no special equipment– just goggles, fins, and the air in their lungs. They can hold their... Read More

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