Halong Bay: Wonder & Mystery

Halong Bay at Sunset Mysterious, magical, dazzling, divine. Few words can capture the beauty and natural wonder of Halong Bay. The rock formations shoot up out of the calm bay like a scene from a fairy tale with mist and fog swirling below. Thousands of islands dotted around in the calm bay waters, jagged limestone pillars worn away from years of weather and waves crashing against them. If you get the chance to visit Vietnam, Halong Bay needs to... Read More

Down the Road in Laos

Having survived the tubing experience we decided it was time to head back into the water & take a less obvious mode of transport down to Laos’ capital, Vientiane. Kayaking. It turned out to be a horrific idea given that James & I were absolutely hanging after the previous night’s excursions in the party capital of Vang Vieng! Thankfully the journey was split between kayak & minibus so our misery was somewhat reduced.  Vientiane... Read More

Kayaking to the Capital

After our horrendous experience ‘ Tubing in the Vang Vieng ‘ you would think we learned our lesson with the consequences of mixing drinking with water. But, we didn’t.        Hangover + Death Ride, very bad combo. We were heading to the big bad capital city Vientiane the next day and heard that instead of taking a bus we could kayak! We went out celebrating our last night in crazy Vang Vieng with a little more than simply... Read More

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