Teaching English in Vietnam vs. South Korea

/* Pause Play Play Prev | Next One question that comes up a lot... Read More

How to Land that Perfect Teaching Job in South Korea

You’re itching to move.. you’ve done some research on teaching in Asia, and now what?! Make it happen! Yes, packing up and moving life to Asia is a huge deal– but the internet makes starting a life before you even get there so easy. Here are some basic steps for landing your ideal teaching job in South Korea: 1. RESEARCH!         There are a few websites that cater to finding people jobs in Asia. They’ve got great connections... Read More

Photo Friday: Street Games in Seoul

  Passing by the hours with some street games in Seoul   One hot afternoon in Seoul, South Korea, this group of old-timers caught our attention yelling and giving high-fives over this very serious game of Chinese chess!    Read More

Photo Friday: Seoul’s Deoksu Palace

  The guarded gates of Deoksu Palace in Seoul, South Korea   Outside Seoul’s Deoksu Palace, the guards were dressed in traditional wear for the tourists to’ OooO’ and ‘Aahhh’ at. None the less they performed a small ceremony and we had a brief glance at what Seoul was like so many years ago. Far different from the overcrowded, busy streets that make up the bustling city now!    Read More

Photo Friday: Gyeongju’s Graves

Korean Burial Ground   One beautiful sunny day we took the 45 minute motorbike drive to Gyeongju to walk amongst and inside Korea’s famous burial grounds. Gyeongju is the old capital of the Silla dynasty and attracts tourists for its many burial mounds scattered around the city. The bigger the mound, the more important the person was. The mound in the photo definitely signifies royalty! You Might Also Like: Photo Friday: Buddha’s Mesmerizing... Read More

Our Top 10 Korean Experiences

Our Top 10 Korean Experiences: 10. Korean Pop Music Concert KPOP. No one living in Korea can deny the catchy tunes. It didn’t take long before we were shamefully downloading the bodacious beats, dancing to them, and planning to go to a concert. We got tickets to the mother of all KPOP concerts. It turned out to be a 6 hour event with over 10 headlining artists. As everything in Korea, the concert was completely over the top. It was easily... Read More

Top Temples in Korea

Buddhism is a central theme of Korean culture & has been for centuries. As the country has become more westernised buddhism has retracted somewhat, now only the second most popular religion behind christianity. Despite the religion’s retreat buddhism is still an integral part of Korean history & the amazing temple designs are a common sight in Korean architecture even outside temple complexes. Anyone who has traveled in Asia may well suffer... Read More

Photo Friday: The Enlightening Lotus

  Enlightening Lotus Lanterns at Inwangsa   This week’s photo was taken on a recent trip to Seoul. We walked up a steep incline to a small temple on Inwang mountain, overlooking the murky metropolitan that is Seoul sprawled to the horizon. Inside the temple were these fantastic lotus lanterns, illuminating the hermitage with their pretty pink glow. The colour was radiant & added a great warmth to the already awesome atmosphere. The... Read More

The 12 Scenic Sites of Ulsan

Ulsan is not the most impressive city in Korea by any stretch of the imagination. As a result, it is consistently & unfairly left out of guide books, shut off from unwitting tourists visiting Korea. Ulsan is widely recognised as the industrial capital of Korea… not the best tagline to attract waves of holidaymakers!! It is also true that Ulsan does host the same unflattering sprawl of appartment buildings & tacky flashy neon lights... Read More

Jeju’s Hot Spots

Jeju’s infamous Harubang guarding the waters at Hamdeok Beach Jeju is Korea’s top vacation spot & honeymoon island (with matching newly wed couples EVERYWHERE!). Dubbed the ‘Hawaii of Korea’, Jeju is scattered with volcanoes and boasts the best beaches in the country… although Hawaii comparisons may be a bit of an exaggeration!?! Nonetheless, it’s a must-see destination for anyone living in or passing... Read More

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