Taman Negara to Petronas Towers: From Flip Flops to Fighting

We left Kuala Tahan, the base village for Taman Negara we had been staying in, on the first local bus of the day at 6.30am. We had actually been roped into purchasing a return ticket from the untrustworthy travel company we used to get to Kuala Tahan from Kuala Tembling,… but after finding out the local bus was one tenth of the price we opted for the latter option accompanied by a refund… uh thank you very much! Kuala Tembling is the largest... Read More

Kuala Lumpur – Couchsurfing the Capital

We had a relaxing final day on the Perhentians with little to write home about before setting sail for the mainland the next morning to get the earliest bus to Kuala Lumpur. We JUST made it in time for the morning bus to KL. The ‘highly intelligent’ boat companies had come to the inexplicable conclusion that the ONLY boats leaving in the morning should dock at Kuala Besut at the EXACT time the ONLY morning bus to KL was leaving…especially... Read More

Korean Work Visa is a GO

Finally some good news about our visas! We’ve spent hours on Skype arguing with the same stubborn lady at the South Korean embassy in Malaysia trying to inform her that we are in fact allowed to get work visa issued through Malaysia and not our home countries. She however, refuses to believe it. Essentially, we had a man working for the South Korean government call her to help plead our case. Flying home = not an option, flying to Korea... Read More

Islam Country

My first experience with Islam. I’ve never been to an Islamic country & didn’t spend a moment’s thought thinking there would be much of a difference in Malaysia compared to the other places we have visited in South East Asia. I was wrong. For starters, I’ve never heard a prayer call, never photographed so many beautiful mosques (they look more like Aladdin’s Palace then a place of worship to me!), and never been... Read More

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