Travel at its Best: Our Worst Accommodations

When you are traveling for weeks on end there is little doubt you’re going to get some highs & lows in the places you stay… especially if you’re on a budget!! We’ve experienced some incredible accommodations along the way… & on the other hand, we’ve had some real DUMPS!  Traveling on a budget, means no white fuzzy robes or room service. We typically spend $5-$15 a night on a room. Most South America and... Read More

Guest Post: The Cities You’ll Fall for This Autumn

Spring break conjures up images of college kids in bikinis and board shorts, tropical, sunny clime and margaritas – so many margaritas. For some, maybe it’s the sole reason to go to college; how else to get your parents to bankroll a trip to Cancun than to woefully lament on the difficulties of a trying half-semester of Western Civ I? Yet Spring Break has gotten a little clichéd – not to mention crowded – and if you’ve got your... Read More

South East Asian Persuasions

The following is a general list of the things we wish we had known while travelling through South East Asia…  T.A.T. (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Lots of tuk-tuk drivers around Bangkok may well start boasting to you about this oh-so grand organisation called the TAT. They will excitedly explain how the TAT is there to support you, the poor lost tourist. They may even claim it was put into operation by the King himself!… to... Read More

Melaka with Mr Tea

With KL sufficiently done & dusted we left on the relatively short bus journey south to Melaka. A mere two hours on the bus & we had arrived in Melaka with another 10 minute bus ride to the centre where we were supposed to meet our new Couchsurfing host Mr Tea… please note Mr TEA, not Mr T. Small Chinese Malaysian man, not 300 pound brick shit house with a darker complexion than an eclipse!    Town square Melaka is... Read More

Taman Negara to Petronas Towers: From Flip Flops to Fighting

We left Kuala Tahan, the base village for Taman Negara we had been staying in, on the first local bus of the day at 6.30am. We had actually been roped into purchasing a return ticket from the untrustworthy travel company we used to get to Kuala Tahan from Kuala Tembling,… but after finding out the local bus was one tenth of the price we opted for the latter option accompanied by a refund… uh thank you very much! Kuala Tembling is the largest... Read More

Kuala Lumpur – Couchsurfing the Capital

We had a relaxing final day on the Perhentians with little to write home about before setting sail for the mainland the next morning to get the earliest bus to Kuala Lumpur. We JUST made it in time for the morning bus to KL. The ‘highly intelligent’ boat companies had come to the inexplicable conclusion that the ONLY boats leaving in the morning should dock at Kuala Besut at the EXACT time the ONLY morning bus to KL was leaving…especially... Read More

Taman Negara:… The Mighty Jungle

We left the Cameron Highlands by bus & headed to Taman Negara. This gigantic ecosystem is a mountainous rainforest rich with rare wildlife, & is actually one of the oldest rainforests in the world.We arrived late to Kuala Tahan, the park headquarters, & struggled to find a hostel in the small village. After dragging ourselves round town for 45 minutes, all the while carrying our now humongous backpacks, we heard of a few wooden... Read More

Cameron Highlands: Cuppas & Cakes

KL behind us we began a long windy bus ride, ascending through the jungle to arrive by 6 in the Cameron Highlands… OR, as the case turned out to be, we’ll arrive at 10pm tired & hungry after sitting on the side of a road in the middle of the jungle, in the pitch black for 2 & a half hours!! The longest travel delay so far, in BY FAR the most developed country! The word ‘irony’ seems to fall short. We found... Read More

Swimming with Crush

Life on the islands, easy-breezy-beautiful. Even considering the fact that we are currently living in a complete DUMP. The Perhentian Islands are quite possibly the MOST GORGEOUS place on Earth. Just throwing that one out there, but this place is unlike any Thai island we’ve been on. The water clearer, the sand whiter, palms trees bigger, and marine life is out of this world astonishing. I could sit for hours at the bottom of the ocean... Read More

the Price for Paradise

the DUMPhole   Paradise met the slum for us on the beautiful Perhentian Islands, Malaysia. The same island where I wrote about swimming with exotic sea creatures in the clearest of waters, well visiting PARADISE comes at price for everyone, and the price for us = living in a shed. In fact, I don’t even know if you could call it a shed. I mean my dad has a shed at home and it is a mansion compared to this crap hole. 4 days we called... Read More

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