Photo Friday: Wax Palms & Clouds at Cocora Valley

  Clouds coming in to Cocora Valley   This shot was taken in Colombia’s incredible Cocora Valley, dominated by the Wax Palm trees that cover its lush green valley walls. The clouds came in wispy to start, but finished up cloaking the valley by midday!    Read More

Our BEST Accommodations!

Over the years, we’ve stayed in some real dives!… But, every now & then we get lucky & stay somewhere incredible, or plan it this way because we’ve felt fed up with dirty dumps & just need a space of small luxury, if even for a day or two. So, here are our top 5 accommodations, from basic huts in paradise, to flashy hotels in megalopolises!   1. Blissful Beach Hut – Koh Ru, Cambodia Just a short boat... Read More

Philippines: Carabao Island

After a few days on the beautiful white beach in Boracay (mobbed with travelers!), we wanted a few days of quiet and leave the mobs of tourists to their booming music. We literally went on google maps, zoomed in on Boracay and looked for the next closest island to run away too. To the north of Boracay there is a sleepy little island, that no pokes at and is virtually untouched by the money and flashing lights in Boracay. The lovely little island of... Read More

Photostory: Bali

A brief photo story of our motorbike journey around Indonesia’s famous island, Bali.   /* Pause Play Play Prev | Next  Read More

South Vietnam Beaches: Sand Sledding & Midnight Swims

Rhys or Superman? As far as beaches in the South go, Mui Ne is Ho Chi Minh-ers best choice of beach to crash at for the weekend. Around a 5 hour bus ride away, it provides visitors with a long beautiful stretch of white sand, warm, CLEAN water, kite surfing, and peace away from the craziness of Saigon life. We went into Sinh Tours (the office is in Pham Ngu Lao, Backpacker’s District) to book an overnight bus to the sleepy coastal city. Neither... Read More

South India’s Best Beaches

  The North of India is notoriously crazy, polluted, and overall, makes for an intense experience. The South of India welcomes backpackers to sunny beaches, alcohol sales after weeks of sobriety, and a general calming feeling that the North is missing out on. We skipped around the coast line hitting beaches in GOA, Kerala, Pondicherry, and even Mumbai. The beaches were great… even if they don’t compare to Thailand’s crystal... Read More

Photo Friday: Kerala’s Paradise of Palm Trees

  Palm trees at Alleppey, silhouetted by sunset   The backwaters at Alleppey in Kerala, India are absolutely stunning. It’s so relaxing to coast through the thin waterways past the drooping trees bent over the banks. Dubbed the Venice of the East by some, its a peaceful experience through paradise of palms.    Read More

Swimming with Crush

Life on the islands, easy-breezy-beautiful. Even considering the fact that we are currently living in a complete DUMP. The Perhentian Islands are quite possibly the MOST GORGEOUS place on Earth. Just throwing that one out there, but this place is unlike any Thai island we’ve been on. The water clearer, the sand whiter, palms trees bigger, and marine life is out of this world astonishing. I could sit for hours at the bottom of the ocean... Read More

the Price for Paradise

the DUMPhole   Paradise met the slum for us on the beautiful Perhentian Islands, Malaysia. The same island where I wrote about swimming with exotic sea creatures in the clearest of waters, well visiting PARADISE comes at price for everyone, and the price for us = living in a shed. In fact, I don’t even know if you could call it a shed. I mean my dad has a shed at home and it is a mansion compared to this crap hole. 4 days we called... Read More

The Perhentian Islands: Slumming in Serenity

Our technologically advanced motorboat allowed us to reach the Perhentians in no time & we were soon stunned by beauty of the islands. After a drop-off at the expensive island the boat pulled into Long beach bay, the backpacker haven of the islands, offering affordable accommodation. A long stretch of golden sand merging with the jungle behind, & water as clear as crystal. I haven’t seen tap water as clear as this stuff!! It was... Read More

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