Off-roading in Koh Tao

Our original departure point to reach Koh Tao was Krabi… BUT due to our visa cock-up we had to go via Burma / Myanmar… whatever it’s called!… & then head to Chumphon to catch a boat out to the island. We FINALLY reached Chumphon 15 hours, 2 buses, a boat, a country, a pickup truck & a taxi after leaving Krabi that same morning. We stayed the night at the only open guesthouse, finally shutting our eyes at 1am, ready... Read More

Swimming with SHARKS

We’ve been lazy bums island hopping for the last month enjoying some of the best beaches the world has to offer. It’s getting hard to remember the number of jaw-dropping sunsets we’ve seen, or the number of bays where we snorkeled with vibrantly colored fish amongst beautiful corrals, or all the outrageous  fire-dancing parties on the beach every night. Everything begins to blur together! All of those beaches and ‘wow,... Read More

Koh Phi Phi: Relax & Rapture

Oh good god… the boat ride alone to Koh Phi Phi was beautiful enough, jetting passed countless islands amidst a deep blue sea as we basked in the rays on the boat deck… on a REAL boat!… & the ride wasn’t bumpy for the first time…EVER! Things were looking up after our last few days of disappointment. We docked at Phi Phi town, tucked away in a huge bay with boats dotted everywhere. Our first night we stayed in... Read More

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