ONLY in India…!

India is a country that stands out all on its own. It felt more like visiting Mars to me than a place on planet Earth. It’s colorful. The people have huge personalities. The lack of hygiene. Anything goes. We would stop, stare, jaw-dropped open, gawk, point, and never believe our eyes or the sites, sounds, and smells around us. When I say anything goes, I mean ANYTHING. We were the ONLY wide-eyed, bewildered looking fools around. To the rest... Read More

A Roadtrip in Rajasthan

  Our Route by Car in Rajasthan   Rajasthan is a MUST on every traveller’s list in India. Rajasthan is one of India’s larger states and full of history, colors, palaces, and FORTS. We took a car through the desert from one town to the next for 16 days. Travelling by car was a really nice change of pace, with insufficient railway lines through the state & long bus journeys eradicated. It also gave us the advantage of getting... Read More

Photo Friday: Ganesh’s ‘Good Luck’ Story

  Ganesh grants Good Luck at Pushkar   Ganesh is one of the most infamous & well-loved gods of the Hindu religion. He stands for good luck & prosperity, dwelling above doors all across India to bless their homes. The story of Ganesh is one of my favourites… Ganesh is the son of Shiva, the God of Death, & Parvati. While Shiva was away his wife Parvati had a son who was created to protect her while she bathed & such.... Read More

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