Umbrellas & Sunshine

     Every morning I take the 20 or 25 minute walk (depending on the skip in my step or lack there of) to my own little work prison, Samho Middle School. There’s an older male teacher that also walks to school around the same time and we often follow each other to dreaded work.      This one particular morning, I was singing along to my iPod and he must have heard, cause he stopped and waited for me to catch up. I had no idea what... Read More

Land of the Lost

When did going home become a vacation!? People thought Rhys and I were kind of crazy for flying all the way back home when we have all of Asia at our doorstep to travel to for half the price. YEA RIGHT! Nothing was better than getting home, seeing all the familiar faces I’ve been missing so much in the last 9 months, getting a taste of all the foods I’ve missed, and speaking English and being totally understood 100% of the time! Totally... Read More

World’s Best Taxi Driver

I took a trip to Busan this past weekend, awesome place. It’s a huge city on the beach. It’s full of fish markets where octopus crawl out of their tubs, squid jet around, and eels slither about. Every type of fish, urchin, shell sea animal, clam, all sold here and all alive! A trip to the market is better than most aquariums. Seriously! Have you ever seen a squid get its head chopped off and it’s tentacles flail about? I have,... Read More

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