Photo Friday: A Flurry of Pigeon’s in Popayan

  A Flurry of Pigeon’s in Popayan, ‘The White City’   Popayan is Colombia’s ‘Cuidad Blanca’, or ‘White City’. This is the main Cathedral in Popayan, just one of the many wonderfully white buildings boasting beautiful architecture. And there are LOADS of coffee shops filled with Colombia’s finest beans!!    Read More

Bali’s Top 5

Bali Ha’i may call you, Any night, any day, In your heart, you’ll hear it call you: “Come away…Come away.” Bali Ha’i will whisper In the wind of the sea: “Here am I, your special island! Come to me, come to me!” Bali called to us, like it does to so many…. & we came! We were granted one week to escape Saigon’s motorbike fumes and relax amongst Bali’s peacefully green rice terraces,... Read More

Travel in India: The Inconvenient Truth

Travel is awesome. It’s an experience, it’s an education. BUT!… it’s not always fun & games… particularly in India! There is no arguing that the subcontinent offers some of the world’s greatest sights & experiences, but India also throws up some difficult challenges that might have you questioning if it’s all worth it?! Culture shock may need to take on a new name in India because it is another... Read More

Photo Friday: Cute Kid Covered in Color

  A cute kid covered head to toe in color!   One thing India has plenty of is C O L O R. From saris to spices, temples to tacky decorations, it’s no secret that Indians love their color & Hindus love their color festivals. Our experience was on Ganesh‘s birthday when a random guy dragged us into the middle of this fun but messy event in Bikaner. Singing, dancing & COLOR all following a truck blazing music down the... Read More

Photo Friday:Buddha’s Mesmerizing Eyes

Buddha's Mesmerizing Eyes On practically every Buddhist Stupa in Nepal (and there are thousands) there are a giant pair of decorated eyes glaring at you from all 4 sides of the stupa. They are Buddha’s eyes, or his wisdom eyes, and symbolize the all-seeing or all-knowing of Buddha. However, these eyes have become more than just the eyes of Buddha. With the boom of tourism in recent years, they’ve become a symbol of Nepal. They’re... Read More

Photo Friday: Ganesh’s ‘Good Luck’ Story

  Ganesh grants Good Luck at Pushkar   Ganesh is one of the most infamous & well-loved gods of the Hindu religion. He stands for good luck & prosperity, dwelling above doors all across India to bless their homes. The story of Ganesh is one of my favourites… Ganesh is the son of Shiva, the God of Death, & Parvati. While Shiva was away his wife Parvati had a son who was created to protect her while she bathed & such.... Read More

Our Top 10 Korean Experiences

Our Top 10 Korean Experiences: 10. Korean Pop Music Concert KPOP. No one living in Korea can deny the catchy tunes. It didn’t take long before we were shamefully downloading the bodacious beats, dancing to them, and planning to go to a concert. We got tickets to the mother of all KPOP concerts. It turned out to be a 6 hour event with over 10 headlining artists. As everything in Korea, the concert was completely over the top. It was easily... Read More

Confucianism… or should that be confusionism?!

Korea is an extremely random place. Things happen rather whimsically, & it is irrelevant how important these things may actually be. It can be exceedingly frustrating at times & may well be a common cause of mental health issues! For some reason it is very difficult to get a straight answer from a Korean. Most sentences will begin with ‘Maybe…’ or ‘I think…’, immediately bringing the forthcoming statement’s integrity... Read More

Islam Country

My first experience with Islam. I’ve never been to an Islamic country & didn’t spend a moment’s thought thinking there would be much of a difference in Malaysia compared to the other places we have visited in South East Asia. I was wrong. For starters, I’ve never heard a prayer call, never photographed so many beautiful mosques (they look more like Aladdin’s Palace then a place of worship to me!), and never been... Read More

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