Tips for a More Exciting Road Trip

Road Tripping! Road trips are not all about the destination, but the experience you get to share with your friends. Sitting in a car for hours without talking can drive anyone insane. Plugging in the earphones to listen to your favorite music can also give you that “I don’t care” attitude. It is important to interact with one another and there are many ways on how you can do that aside from chatting all the way. Here are some tips on how you... Read More

Jökulsárlón: Iceland’s Incredible Glacial Lagoon

Everyday and every moment in Iceland shocked me to my core with its endless beauty. In a country with the northern lights, towering volcanoes, lava fields, and an abundance of wildlife: Iceland’s Jökulsárlón glacial lake easily stands out on its own. Iceland’s Famous Glacial Lagoon The crystal clear blue waters, gigantic icebergs bobbing up and down, the black sand contrasting with the ghostly white icebergs, volcanoes demanding... Read More

Guest Post: Most Popular European Road Trip Routes

If you really want to discover and explore Europe, the best way to do so is to get serious with the steering wheel. If you don’t have your own means of transport, car rental companies like Sixt can offer you a cheap way to hit the road.  Below are some of the most popular European road trip routes: Alpine Road, Germany Alpine Road (300 miles long) is one of the classic drives in Europe, known for its scenic twists and turns along the edge... Read More

Motorbiking Vietnam: A Perfect Farewell

Motorbike Road Trip Geeees, Time FLIES! Have we really been living in Vietnam for 1.5 years?! I remember how antsy I was on the plane ride over when we had a stack of resumes, no job in sight, and no idea what Vietnam would bring us. We didn’t know if we’d stay for 6 months, 1 year, or even find a job at all. Here we are so many 3-3-3 beers later, friends made, classes taught, and another country we fell in love with. Life in Saigon was... Read More

Star-Studded L.A.

Celebrities. Bright Lights. Hollywood. Los Angeles. Star-Studded Hollywood L.A. is the New York of the West. Where dreams are made or….. crushed. For the few days we were there we acted like little kids and let ourselves get caught up in Hollywood fever. My celebrity spotting-radar was ready to rock ‘n’ roll. When in LA of course you want to do some celebrity gawking (or stalking?), it’s LA what else is there to do besides... Read More

Road Trip: Route Around Wales

We arrived in rainy London after a long flight from Hanoi. After 18 months in the dysfunction of Vietnam, I couldn’t be happier to see highways filled with law abiding cars and not a single crazy motorbike driver! I’ve visited Wales several times, and never got too far from the pubs of Cardiff, so when Rhys mentioned a road trip around Wales you can imagine I was all smiles. Five of us piled into a car for a short four day road trip... Read More

Snowdon: Small but Stormy

Snowdon. Wales tallest mountain. 3,550 feet. We were told “It’s a GREAT hike! You’ll love it, the view from the top is beautiful. It’s an easy 3 hour walk, no problem for the two of you.” Oh, how wrong our friends and family were! Rewind the story to Cardiff and 5 people piling into a car with bags everywhere for a 4 day road trip around the Welsh countryside. Gale force winds, sleet, and zero visibility were not apart... Read More

Canyoning in Dalat’s Mountains

Thailand can have it’s full moon parties. Laos is famous for it’s tubing and the gibbon experience. But no other South East Asian country has Vietnam’s canyoning in Dalat. Sadly and for some unknown reason to me, it’s not greatly advertised and many people don’t know what they’re missing out on when they skip out on Dalat and head for Nha Trang’s party scene instead. I’m here to say, “Don’t... Read More

Cat Tien National Park

Gibbons, and crocodiles, and bears, oh my! Every now and then I get the itch for campfires, s’mores, & sleepless nights in a tent. Living in polluted Saigon, where stars don’t even exist, and fresh air is a thing of the past made my campfire urge soar out of control! First problem: where can we go camping? And second slightly larger problem: where to buy a tent and sleeping bag in this city where sleeping in the woods/jungle isn’t... Read More

The Land of Coconuts: Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

Blue Skies, Paddling down the Mekong-- Couldn't get better! As soon as we had the chance– we jumped on it, it was time for a weekend getaway! After the craziness of job hunting, apartment hunting, and shopping for motorbikes we wanted a weekend away from the chaos of motorbikes and Saigon. Rhys was itching for a motorbike trip on his ass-kicking, old school, 1988 Honda Win. We heard so much buzz about the beauty in the Mekong Delta area... Read More

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