Guest Post: Why Everyone Loves Barcelona

Everyone who has ever been to Barcelona has come back raving and singing the city’s praises. But why? Okay, it’s got good weather, great beaches and hundreds of famous tourist attractions, but what makes Barcelona holidays any different from all the other Mediterranean paradises? 1. Old meets new Part of Europe’s charm is the crumbling churches, centuries-old streets and long-gone architectural styles. While this is still true in parts of Barcelona,... Read More

Guest Post: Five Great Driving Routes in Spain

With its well-established road networks and vast array of landscapes, Spain provides an excellent opportunity to explore at your own pace by car and there are several driving routes that allow you to experience both the traditional culture and modernity of this eclectic country. Tenerife The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is popular with tourists and is home to several World Heritage Site landmarks, such as El Teide Volcano and San Cristóbal... Read More

Guest Post: Uncovering Real Majorca

Majorca holidays are famous for partying, beaches and shopping: so much so that the island’s other charms often get forgotten about. There’s more to Majorca than what meets the eye, however, and if you’re willing to venture beyond the safety of the resorts you’ll uncover a wealth of hidden treasures. The first of Majorca’s hidden treats might seem like the least hidden thing about the island, but for all its size many people never take... Read More

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