Sports in Saigon

There’s no shortage of sports for foreigners in Saigon. For expats or long-term travellers, joining a sports team is a great way to meet new people & get out about on the town after the match! Here are some of the well-established local teams to contact if you want to get involved. There are links to their websites, giving more information on training & match times. There are also professional teams to go & watch in Saigon. So if... Read More

Giants & Tigers: Recipe for Mayhem

Sporting events here are like everything else, random and strange, and so much fun. I love going to any event in Korea whether it be a mask dance festival or a baseball game because no matter what I guarantee something will happen that seems so weird to me and makes all the foreigners laugh, but to all of the Koreans it’s [of course] just a normal occurence.  #1 Fan  I’m going to make a daring statement and say baseball games here are... Read More

World Cup Fever

Red Devil EXPLOSION!   WORLD CUP FEVER    Shouting Korea I’m ashamed to admit this.. but.. I’ve never really watched or followed a World Cup before. This is my first taste of World Cup Fever. I’ve watched over 10 games in 5 days (some willingly, some by the force of Farrow). I’ve arguably watched more soccer games in the last few days then I have in the last 10 years combined. I grew up playing soccer like it was... Read More

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