The Finances of Teaching in Vietnam

  Teaching in Vietnam is an incredible experience. To live in one of the world’s most dynamic countries, in a wonderful mix of eastern tradition & economic growth provides an exciting lifestyle. But the magic doesn’t stop there!! There is also plenty of money to be made in teaching, regardless of your qualifications! This is the money side of teaching in Vietnam.   THE EARNINGS   Wages per month are obviously quite... Read More

How to get a Teaching Job in Vietnam

How to get a job? Vietnam is far different from most countries you may teach in! Getting a job here is all about the amount of effort you put into it. My boyfriend and I showed up with a stack of resumes and that was it! We went online and found a list of 25 schools in in Saigon, hired a motorbike taxi for the day ($5), and went from school to school handing out our resumes. We also emailed our resume to 15 schools and hoped for the best. Within a... Read More

Guest Post: Teaching Jobs Abroad – What Are My Options?

Greg Rogan is the founder of TeacherPort, a free resource to help teachers and new graduates to find suitable teaching jobs abroad. Greg previously worked in international teacher recruitment and created TeacherPort to make the job search a more pleasant and rewarding experience for those interested in teaching abroad. Teaching overseas has becoming a popular career choice not only for qualified teachers interested in gaining international experience,... Read More

Teaching English in Vietnam vs. South Korea

/* Pause Play Play Prev | Next One question that comes up a lot... Read More

How to Land that Perfect Teaching Job in South Korea

You’re itching to move.. you’ve done some research on teaching in Asia, and now what?! Make it happen! Yes, packing up and moving life to Asia is a huge deal– but the internet makes starting a life before you even get there so easy. Here are some basic steps for landing your ideal teaching job in South Korea: 1. RESEARCH!         There are a few websites that cater to finding people jobs in Asia. They’ve got great connections... Read More

The Big Move to Saigon

According to our family and friends we have…  1. Lost Our Minds. 2. Acting a Fool. 3. Raising the Bar. ………. “Why Not?” Our wonderful year in Korea came to an end, our bank accounts were feeling our big trip through India and Nepal, and we had no choice but once again give into the whole working thing. And, Vietnam was our land of opportunity. I was all jitters on the plane ride over & kept going trying to reaffirm... Read More

Goodbye 삼호 Middle School

Goodbye 삼호 Middle School I’ve spent roughly 9 months sitting behind this desk looking at this ancient computer screen at Samho Middle School. Looking back on it all, when I started last September I never imagined I’d miss teaching Korea’s bratty youth as much I’m going to. It’s the first job I’d dare label as “real”. I have a desk. I have a classroom. I work 40 hours and kids call me teacher (more... Read More

Koreans & English: Golden Answers

The last few weeks I have had the ‘pleasure’ of grading my students in a speaking test. Every single student in grade 1 & 2 of my school had to sit down with me for about 3 minutes & answer 2 questions about topics we’ve covered in class. The answers I’ve heard have been varied to say the least!! Some of them are nothing short of golden… & by golden, I mean ridiculous! Question: What do you think about... Read More

Korean Kids Say the Darnest Things

A list of the things my students say to me…. only things that would be said by Korean students, of course. For one of my classes the kids were making up their own Harry Potter Spells and Potions. One boy made up a spell called, “Kill All the Japs.” The girl students always ask, “Teacher, why is your hair yellow and mine black?” Rhys had his students tell him, “Your arms are like Ostrich Eggs!” In... Read More

in my eyes… now.

  “Oh, just cleaning the roof…” it’s 3:10pm, if you were here, sitting at my desk in Samho Middle, this is what you’d be looking at right NOW.           me: “Why is there a student climbing through that window?!?” teacher: “Oh, he just has to clean all the food off from the day.”         Basically, the kids totally trash school and are forced to clean it. So it is fine for this crazy... Read More

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