Chiang Mai: Jungle Trek

In the jungle the mighty jungle… The Crazy Trek Group 3 days. 2 nights. 1 crazy ass trek group! 4 nutty Irish girls, 1 animal antagonizing Aussie & his laid-back fiance, 1 around-the-world ticket holder from Guernsey, 1 token crazy Dutch girl, a casually cool older Dutch couple, and 1 Russian who never spoke. We all followed our loopy but loyal guides, Jackie Chan & Knop, into the jungle with no idea what was in store for us. Some... Read More

First wanderings… in Bangkok

After checking in to our hostel we were ready ….. to SSLLLEEEEPPP!!! We wandered Khao San Road, staring for dangerously long periods at the foreign sights in the busy street, bumping into most passers-by. After minimal wandering we hit the sack & passed out for a healthy 16 hours of sleep. Nicky doesn’t believe in jet lag … naive strikes as an apt word! The next morning we felt slightly more adventurous & went in search... Read More

I almost got punched by a 14 yr. old

Let me paint you a picture… Long day in Bangkok, walking around in HEAT getting heckled by people on every street buy this, eat this, tuk-tuk ride here… & it’s was definitely approaching beer’oclock time. We settle down in a bar have a few pints of Chang beer, (which can I add is 6% alcohol)! & this almost cute Thai boy comes up to us with flowers, and guess what? You guessed it, he wants our money. The Thumb War   the... Read More

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