the theif that got away

We managed to officially shut down a hotel/hostel for a day!!! Note: Don’t mess with me. The crazy maid thought she could slyly steal 100 $$ from my suitcase, stashed in the bottom compartment– she thought she could simply take it and get away with it…? Well, in the end I probably paid for her and her friends to get a new car and hair style, and nails done ($100 is a months wage in Thailand!) but we didn’t go down without... Read More

Arrival on the Andaman

After crossing the border back into Thailand we had a few days stop-off in Bangkok with a necessary shopping trip for essentials, (& to fix our camera that I may have broken on our drunken night out in Siem Reap), then journeyed Southward to begin ‘island hopping’. A 14 hour overnight bus to Krabi, Con air as the ‘bed time’ movie… classic! Swimable islands = pleasant exercise! On arrival we headed straight to... Read More

I almost got punched by a 14 yr. old

Let me paint you a picture… Long day in Bangkok, walking around in HEAT getting heckled by people on every street buy this, eat this, tuk-tuk ride here… & it’s was definitely approaching beer’oclock time. We settle down in a bar have a few pints of Chang beer, (which can I add is 6% alcohol)! & this almost cute Thai boy comes up to us with flowers, and guess what? You guessed it, he wants our money. The Thumb War   the... Read More

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