Guest Post: Where To Travel For Public Holiday Celebrations

  Some destinations simply know how to celebrate certain public holidays better than anywhere else, so here’s our travel guide to where you should go to enjoy these special occasions in style.   Independence Day (USA)   This public holiday might be restricted to the USA, but the celebrations which accompany it are known around the world, meaning that tourists often flock to the States to join in the fun. As you might expect, the capital... Read More

Guest Post: Amazing Things to See In Iceland

Looking to take a northern vacation to Iceland, to see some of the beauty and natural wonder it offers? There are so many choices offered on this island all within a short space of one another. Here is a list of must see places to visit when you head out there. Asbyrgi This unique landmark is shaped like a giant hoof print. It is an approximately 3.5 km in length and 1.1 km wide, across part of the Vatnajökull National Park. Down around half its... Read More

Guest Post: Barbados: 5 Things to do when you are not on the beach

Barbados is famous for white sandy beaches and tourists often fly out to this island paradise for nothing more than a relaxing time on the beach with a book in their hand. Yes, Barbados does have incredible white beaches, however there is so much more to this island resort. Beautiful Barbados, photo courtesy of Neil T Flickr photos Sunbury Great House This historic plantation house was founded over 300 years ago and is the best example of a Barbadian... Read More

Guest Post: A Backpacker Re-Bitten by the Travel Bug

Is there such a thing as an ex-backpacker? The answer is, of course, yes. For some people a gap year is a box to tick; an itch to scratch. They’re travel dabblers, not addicts, and once they’ve done their three-month stint around South East Asia they hang up their backpack, trim their ‘traveller hair’ and slide back into their real world clothes. They get on with their lives. And usually they don’t look back. That’s who I thought was:... Read More

Travel at its Best: Our Worst Accommodations

When you are traveling for weeks on end there is little doubt you’re going to get some highs & lows in the places you stay… especially if you’re on a budget!! We’ve experienced some incredible accommodations along the way… & on the other hand, we’ve had some real DUMPS!  Traveling on a budget, means no white fuzzy robes or room service. We typically spend $5-$15 a night on a room. Most South America and... Read More

How to Pack for a Backpacking Trip

  The art of backpacking is all in the name itself. What to pack on your back!? From our first multi-month trip, the contents of our backpacks has changed quite dramatically as we’ve learned what we need and don’t need on the road. It’s all a balancing act, making sure you have enough to live comfortably while you travel, while not overloading your backpack with junk you can do without. It truly is a SKILL!   Pack as light... Read More

Photo Canvas: Show-off your Best Travel Photos

We have been traveling for four years now, so you can probably imagine how many travel photos we have accumulated… thousands and thousands and thousands! It is always fun to find different ways to display our beloved travel photos. We like to place some of our favorite photos below a piece of glass on the kitchen table, make a unique collage on the wall, or my favorite, display some of our travel shots on a catchy photo canvas. Thanks to Printcopia Canvas... Read More

Guest Post: Most Romantic Train Journeys in the World

Trains aren’t just for getting from A to B in the daily grind of life. Show and Stay explores the train trips that take you through some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. From the Orient Express to the Trans-Siberian railway, we check out the top rail experiences the planet has to offer. The Venice-Simplon Orient Express Travel back in time to the 1920s on this luxury train service from London to Venice, and enter a world of glitzy... Read More

Exploring Vietnam’s Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels definitely tops the list of things for tourists to do when visiting Saigon. Brief History: A lot of the war was fought at the Cu Chi tunnels. It was one of South Vietnam’s last standing defenses against the North. Cu Chi is roughly 1.5 hours from Saigon city center, where the south army had their government. Viet Cong (people who lived in the South, but fought for the North) built the impressive network of tunnels over 20 years!... Read More

Philippines: Carabao Island

After a few days on the beautiful white beach in Boracay (mobbed with travelers!), we wanted a few days of quiet and leave the mobs of tourists to their booming music. We literally went on google maps, zoomed in on Boracay and looked for the next closest island to run away too. To the north of Boracay there is a sleepy little island, that no pokes at and is virtually untouched by the money and flashing lights in Boracay. The lovely little island of... Read More

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