Photostory: Bali

A brief photo story of our motorbike journey around Indonesia’s famous island, Bali.   /* Pause Play Play Prev | Next  Read More

Unusual But Useful Travel Gadgets

It’s always difficult to know what to pack, & to buy for long-term travel plans. Here are our ‘Top 5’ travel gadgets that you may not have thought of. They’re all a little less obvious than other travel gadget companions, but equally as useful. Flexible Tripod This inventive little tripod is genius! It’s small but strong, flexible yet stable. It does the same job as a regular tripod, but even better… you can... Read More

Homestay in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

A trip to the Mekong Delta is one of the best things you can do when visiting Vietnam. Except, most travelers go to one of the dozens of travel agencies in the backpacker’s district and pay too much for a trip that makes you feel like you’re apart of herd of cattle being roped from one place to the next. We’ve been to the Delta a few times and have finally figured out the secret to the BEST TRIP you can take there! The answer is,... Read More

7 Experiences that made us ask, “Why Do We Travel Again?!”

Travel isn’t always so fun loving and carefree. Between all of the beautiful places you visit and smiling faces you meet there are countless hours spent on planes, trains, buses, horrific bathroom experiences, and situations that make you think, “Is traveling worth it?”, “Maybe it’s time to go home?” But than the next day we’ll meet some extraordinary person or visit an amazing city we’ve never been... Read More

Photo Friday: Smiles in the Philippines

If I could I would have taken her home with me! We were on the island of Carabao in the Philippines. Not too many foreigners go to Carabao, and a group of girls were very curious about us. They followed us around as we wandered from beach to beach checking out the beauty of the island. They were all smiles and loved modeling for silly photos.  You can acutally see me in her eyes, squatting down to take her picture!  Read More

Mt. Batur, Bali: The Truth About a Mafia-Run Tourist Town

The last few years of travel have seen us deal with many situations… let’s see:  I’ve shut down a guesthouse after they stole $100 from my bag. Rhys interrogated an Indian guy and then ripped through his home searching for his stolen phone. We’ve dealt with gut-wrenching Indian hospital visits. But we’ve NEVER had to deal with a town run mafia. ADVICE: DO NOT GO TO MT. BATUR in BALI. Let’s rewind this story back... Read More

Photo Friday: Monkey Madness at Ulu Watu

  One of the adorable antagonists at Ulu Watu, Bali   Ulu Watu is one of Bali’s top tourist destinations. There are however insane monkeys all over the place!… & they steal anything. We saw LOTS of primate pinches on our visit. But this little fella would never steal your stuff right? He’s so cute!… WRONG! The phrase ,”You cheeky little monkey” is very fitting around Ulu Watu.    Read More

Week 3: Travel Photo Contest

The last week of the contest! Big thanks to everyone who submitted photos, they’re all really great. Entries ranged from Congo to Russia down to India and the Galapagos Islands, a little slice of everywhere was covered! Very impressive. We will go back, look through the votes and send a message out next week to the winner. Check out EasyCanvasPhotos, and give them a “like” on Facebook as a thanks for helping us put the contest on... Read More

Week 2: Travel Photo Contest

The contest is in the second week and looking good! Remember you may enter a new photo every week, next week is the last week to enter photos and than the winner will be decided!! The winner will receive their photo on an 8×10 canvas. The photos on both the Flickr page and Facebook Fanpage are extremely well taken & definitely worth your time to have a look at & daydream about your next big vacation abroad. Good Luck everyone! /* Pause Play Play Prev | Next Make... Read More

Week 1: Travel Photo Contest

One week down, and the photos entered are so impressive! We’ve had over 25 photos entered in the first week of the contest. Most of the entries can be found on Flickr– and even if you don’t plan on submitting your own photo, check out the Flickr group because the photos are that great. They have me itching to get back out on the road and travel! There are 2 more weeks left for people to add photos and vote– the winner will... Read More

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