Photo Friday: Wax Palms & Clouds at Cocora Valley

  Clouds coming in to Cocora Valley   This shot was taken in Colombia’s incredible Cocora Valley, dominated by the Wax Palm trees that cover its lush green valley walls. The clouds came in wispy to start, but finished up cloaking the valley by midday!    Read More

Photo Friday: Trekking Through Cocora Valley

  Trekking through Cocora Valley, Colombia   This is the LONG overdue return of Photo Friday! Here’s the beautiful Cocora Valley in Colombia, home to the impressive Wax Palm trees. We walked through the stunningly sun soaked valley for a few hours, enjoying wonderful scenery like this!      Read More

Trekking in Colca Canyon: Cabanaconde to Sangalle

  As one of the deepest canyons IN THE WORLD!!… Colca Canyon offers some of the best trekking in Peru. The most popular trip is a two-day, one-night trek to ‘The Oasis’, an aptly named spot of greenery deep in the canyon’s aridity. The trek starts in Cabanaconde, at 10,784 ft (3,287 m), finishing in Sangalle, at 7,300 ft (2,225 m). The trail is incredible, taking you through desert-like conditions, while staring up at... Read More

Machu Picchu: The Inca Jungle Trail

  Machu Picchu is the crown jewel in Peru’s rich history. Perched high up in the Andes on a picture-perfect ridge, the location of Machu Picchu is breathtaking. Unfortunately, it does make it more difficult to get to!… particularly with no roads in & out! But fear not. There are literally hundreds of tour operators in Cusco who are happy to help, & there are several options to consider.   The Famous Vista of Machu Picchu As... Read More

Thailand’s Top 5

Thailand is high on most people’s wish lists to visit… & so it should be! Thailand flights are never too expensive, & landing in Bangkok will open up the whole of the stunning South East Asian peninsula to you. We’re taking a nostalgic look back to the first country we backpacked & our favourite 5 stop-offs. Chiang Mai – Jungle Trekking Chiang Mai is a charming city, set high into the northern highlands of Thailand.... Read More

Photostory: Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa is like no where else in Vietnam. The people speak a different dialectic, dress in traditional tribal clothes, the region is very cold compared to the rest of Vietnam, and tribal villages scattered around offer travelers a different taste of locals and their way of life. It is easily one of the best places anyone can go to in Vietnam, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking! After our 3 week motorbike ride to the North, we sold our bikes... Read More

Top 8 Things to Do in Vietnam

8. Fairy Stream, Mui Ne Mui Ne is famous for its sand dunes, beautiful beaches, and luxury hotels, but a quiet stroll up Fairy Stream is also a great way to spend your time. Fairy Stream is FREE to walk up and offers great photographs of limestone rocks giving way to the stream below. White limestone mixes with red clay for some fantastic shots accented by palm trees along the stream. A 15 minute walk up the stream ends in a small waterfall where... Read More

Trekking in Sapa

Situated high up in northern Vietnam, Sapa is a charming little mountain town full of colour & culture. Many travelers miss this hidden gem… you shouldn’t!! It’s a breath of fresh air…literally… from Vietnam’s bustling metropolitan areas, & the natural beauty & the people are both incredible to witness. Rice paddies cut into Sapa’s rich greenery cling to the steep valley sides in almost impossible... Read More

Canyoning in Dalat’s Mountains

Thailand can have it’s full moon parties. Laos is famous for it’s tubing and the gibbon experience. But no other South East Asian country has Vietnam’s canyoning in Dalat. Sadly and for some unknown reason to me, it’s not greatly advertised and many people don’t know what they’re missing out on when they skip out on Dalat and head for Nha Trang’s party scene instead. I’m here to say, “Don’t... Read More

Munduk: One Homestay, One Amazing View

After our horrific experience with the mountain mafia at Mt. Batur we both really needed to be picked up by the Balinese and shown that ‘hey, that was just some crazy town– but the rest of us are pretty great!’ The town of Munduk accompanied with Kadek the owner of the guesthouse we stayed at did just that for us, and some. 100% if you go to Munduk you’ve got to stay at One Homestay with Kadek, the man can do it all! It is... Read More

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