Guest Post: Five Ways to See New York City in Style

  As might be expected in the tourist capital of the world, hundreds of sight-seeing tours have sprung up in Manhattan over the last few decades. Here are five of the best, offering a real diversity of New York experiences.   Take the Bus It might not seem like the most exotic option, but the Classic New York Double Decker Bus Tour is a perennial favourite with visitors for a reason. Offering a hop-on, hop-off service, which stops at all... Read More

Top 5 Destinations in America

1. Orlando, FL Holidays to Florida will never fail to impress! Orlando easily makes our list as one of our favourite places to visit in the US. Disney World can make anyone feel like a kid again, you can’t deny the excitement at your first sighting of Mickey! Apart from Disney, Busch Gardens and Universal Studios are also must visit parks. Busch Gardens has great roller coasters and an impressive zoo, while Universal Studio’s movie themed... Read More

Travel at its Best: Our Worst Accommodations

When you are traveling for weeks on end there is little doubt you’re going to get some highs & lows in the places you stay… especially if you’re on a budget!! We’ve experienced some incredible accommodations along the way… & on the other hand, we’ve had some real DUMPS!  Traveling on a budget, means no white fuzzy robes or room service. We typically spend $5-$15 a night on a room. Most South America and... Read More

Christmas in New York City

Rockefeller Plaza at Christmas is incredible NYC is one of the best places in the world to visit during the holiday season, but prices to travel there during Christmas can be fairly high. There is a way to soak up the Christmas spirit without having to have a huge budget. In early January there are significant discounts on airline tickets and hotels in the big apple. During the first week of January NYC is still in full holiday swing and visitors... Read More

Travel Plan: A Weekend in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has an incredible reputation. Giant hotels, gambling galore, & non-stop shows. After a recent trip to Sin City, we discovered the hype is all true!! With 2 nights & 1 full day to explore, we found a cheap hotel 5oom off the strip and hit the town. Friday Night – Fremont Street If you want a cheaper night out in Vegas, the old downtown at Fremont Street is the place to be. Table stakes are as cheap as, club entry... Read More

Roomorama: An Accommodation Alternative

Finding a room in Manhattan with a good location at a reasonable price is near impossible! If you’re OK staying up around Central Park there are some good places, but in the more central location of Midtown it gets pricey. We had a one night stop-off in NYC before catching the train from Penn Station. We needed a cheap, cheery place, right in the heart of Manhattan so we could use our short time to get out & about without wasting time on... Read More

Guest Post: Finding the Best Shows in Las Vegas

When you want to find the best shows in Las Vegas, you do not have to look around for long. If you have not yet purchased tickets or are in the city for the first time, chances are you can find the best shows in Las Vegas simply by asking other locals. Even visitors who regularly attend Las Vegas will be able to point you in the right direction. There are also a few hotels that you can count on for always offering a great show. Treasure Island At... Read More

Guest Post: Underrated Adventure Destinations to Visit this Year

Planning a vacation for this year? Why spend your time and money fighting throngs of tourists when you can visit some of the world’s best adventure destinations just off the beaten path? Sure, the tourist traps can be fun, but why do something that everyone else is doing? Where is your sense of adventure? Check out these underrated adventure destinations for your next getaway. These places may be less appreciated, but offer a whole lot more to curious... Read More

Living on the Edge

Life is all about the adventure! This summer we’re quitting our jobs in Vietnam and hitting the road once again. We’ve been ‘settled’ for over a year while teaching in Saigon, and we’re both feeling the itch to travel again. I’ve been all over Asia, and shamefully with my head hung low– have yet to see most of my motherland, the US of A. Things are about to change. We’re renting a car and hitting the... Read More

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