Pen y Fan’s Best Trail: The Horseshoe Route

  Pen y Fan offers walkers in Wales a great half day hike. While most people take the quick, easy route up from Storey Arms, surely the best route up is the four peaked Horseshoe Route… & how could you disagree with Wales’ favourite weatherman, Derek! This walk offers some of the best views in South Wales, with stunning 360° landscapes of the Brecon Beacons, and culminates in the peak of Pen y Fan, the tallest mountain in... Read More

Guest Post: A Whistle-Stop Tour of the UK

The UK is a diverse island nation home to some 60 million people. From golden sandy beaches to craggy mountain peaks, it’s a nation just waiting to be explored. Plus, because it’s relatively small, it’ll take you less than 24 hours to drive tail to tip so even if you’re only visiting for a few days you’ll be able to cram in as much or as little as you want! Forget Route 66, the UK is a great place for a road trip; just grab a couple of mates... Read More

Road Trip: Route Around Wales

We arrived in rainy London after a long flight from Hanoi. After 18 months in the dysfunction of Vietnam, I couldn’t be happier to see highways filled with law abiding cars and not a single crazy motorbike driver! I’ve visited Wales several times, and never got too far from the pubs of Cardiff, so when Rhys mentioned a road trip around Wales you can imagine I was all smiles. Five of us piled into a car for a short four day road trip... Read More

Snowdon: Small but Stormy

Snowdon. Wales tallest mountain. 3,550 feet. We were told “It’s a GREAT hike! You’ll love it, the view from the top is beautiful. It’s an easy 3 hour walk, no problem for the two of you.” Oh, how wrong our friends and family were! Rewind the story to Cardiff and 5 people piling into a car with bags everywhere for a 4 day road trip around the Welsh countryside. Gale force winds, sleet, and zero visibility were not apart... Read More

Photo Friday: A Castle in the Countryside

    Carreg Cennen Castle perched atop far-reaching fields   Castles & countryside are Wales’ bread & butter with scenes similar to this dotted all across the country. This photo was taken on a cold crisp morning (also infamous in Wales!) looking out over the rural riches from Carreg Cennen near Llandeilo. We had a great time exploring the castle (including the cave!) & taking in the scenery from Carreg Cennen’s... Read More

Photo Friday: A Starlit Sunset Over The Gower

  Beautiful sunset on a crisp winter’s day at the Gower   This photo was taken on a cold day in Wales, looking out over Caswell Bay. Rhys and I went for a stroll along the coast to explore the remains of an old, decrepit castle next to Langaland Golf Club. The sunset was stunning, with the light dancing across the frigid waters below.    Read More

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