Our BEST Accommodations!

Over the years, we’ve stayed in some real dives!… But, every now & then we get lucky & stay somewhere incredible, or plan it this way because we’ve felt fed up with dirty dumps & just need a space of small luxury, if even for a day or two. So, here are our top 5 accommodations, from basic huts in paradise, to flashy hotels in megalopolises!   1. Blissful Beach Hut – Koh Ru, Cambodia Just a short boat... Read More

Photostory: The Grand Canyon

Like most visitors to the Grand Canyon, we were blown away by the sheer size & expanse of the place. We spent the day wandering the South Rim, switching between the paths & the free buses, & finishing up with sunset at Desert View Point. Here are some of our shots from a sometimes sunny, sometimes stormy day at one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.   The view near the South Rim’s Visitor Center Creeping out to one... Read More

Mt. Batur, Bali: The Truth About a Mafia-Run Tourist Town

The last few years of travel have seen us deal with many situations… let’s see:  I’ve shut down a guesthouse after they stole $100 from my bag. Rhys interrogated an Indian guy and then ripped through his home searching for his stolen phone. We’ve dealt with gut-wrenching Indian hospital visits. But we’ve NEVER had to deal with a town run mafia. ADVICE: DO NOT GO TO MT. BATUR in BALI. Let’s rewind this story back... Read More

Seokbulsa Temple: Stone Buddha

Whilst living in Korea we have visited countless temples. While I enjoy a good temple, it’s still fair to say that the vast majority lack a distinct feature & are substantially the same. This is NOT true of Seokbulsa. Temples in Korea are typically dominated by wooden structures. Seokbulsa means ‘stone buddha temple’, & it lives up to its name. Smaller than nearby Beomeosa (where we did our templestay), Seokbulsa is often... Read More

Story #5: Diamond in the Rough

Story #5: Diamond in the Rough I definitely saved the best for last. The Grand Finale. All About Thavi. After meeting Thavi I decided I was going to find and buy some sort of  protective bubble to keep him in, far away from all the mean people in the world. He’s the sort of guy that you love to be around. The kind of guy who is so nice, some people might take advantage of him because he’d just roll along with it avoiding confrontation.... Read More

Story #4: Living on $3.00

Story #4: Living on $3.00 We ate most of our meals in one reliable restaurant. When we go to a new city of course we try to find new places to eat at everyday, but at the same time we find ourselves going back to the same restaurant once or twice a day. I like the chance of getting to know the staff and when you find something you love why leave it? In one particular restaurant we had the same server every single time. He was there serving breakfast... Read More

Story #3: Slum or Orphanage?

Story #3: Slum or Orphanage? After the past few days hanging out on the street with the homeless girl and her mom, and getting told we should die because we wouldn’t buy books from children– we both agreed we should try to do a little something to help out, somewhere. We’d heard through the grapevine that orphanages in Phnom Penh are in desperate need for tourist funding. Our amazing & very reliable tuk-tuk driver Thavi,... Read More

Story #2: Kids & the F-Bomb

This is your warning, when in Cambodia don’t buy books from the kids. Learn from our mistake. Please, save yourselves. Ok, ok, ok, I know buying books from the kids who walk around with a basket busting of different knocked off reads isn’t a good idea. Yea, yea, it supports child labor and all that jazz. When I think about the money situation their families must be in, when they’re desperate enough to make their 10-year-old son/daughter... Read More

Story #1: Happy & Homeless

The next 5 posts [from me] are each going to focus on 1 unique story, each happening in Phnom Penh, and each with a certain ‘WOW’ Factor. Enjoy.   Welcome to Phnom Penh.  A city that offers everything from towering sky scrapers with suit and tie workers hurrying in & out to bug stands & a noticeable growing divide between the rich and poor. Coming to Cambodia after our stay in Laos, I didn’t expect to be so shocked.... Read More

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