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  1. Dave Allred says:

    Great pics, your mom sent your blog down to me and I am glad she did. I am green with envy girl, you go!!!

  2. albert jhony says:

    Nepal is a great attractive place for travel. There have so many enjoyable places for enjoy which can’t explain in word. If anyone will goes there though he/she will able to realize about the beauty of Nepal. Thanks dude 🙂

  3. Srikanth says:

    Great post guys !

    Enjoyed reading it and has good information.
    We are two guys planning to do this trek in December between 9th and 26th this year (2011).
    Can you suggest if doing it alone in winter all by ourselves is a good idea ?? Or is it better to get a guide ??

    Since the route will be fairly empty in December, I was wondering if getting a guide is a good idea.
    Do you see any other problems in trekking that late in the season besides cold.

    Would love to see your inputs, Thanks !


    • Nicky says:

      We went midway through November, and nights were very cold. However, all tea houses provide you with nice big, warm blankets. Our sleeping bags weren’t very good (they were really cheap!) and definitely not warm enough for us on their own… but mixed with our warm layers and tea house blankets I was almost too hot. Getting out of bed in the morning hours was the hardest part because we were always so warm! I slept with fleece pants and a warm (under armor style material) sweat shirt at nights. I was fine, it’s very cold but you don’t need to lug your wardrobe up the mountain as long as the layers you bring are of a decent quality. In the day while you are hiking you will be taking layers off and hiking in a tshirt!

    • Dalene -South Africa says:

      HI Srikanth,

      I am planning to do the trek Dec 2012. Will you please advise on the weather ect. after your trek. or send a link to your post. I am from sunny South Africa and a bid seared of the cold. I am doing it with a guide, throught
      Himalayan Planet Adventures P.Ltd

      • Srikanth says:

        Hi Dalene, I have decided to prepone my journey to somewhere around 20th of November instead of 2nd week of December. I wish to do Chola pass, EBC and Gokyo lakes over 20 days. I will surely let you know how it went once I am back. I am from the tropical region of South India, so I can understand your concerns with December chill ! 🙂

      • Jacqui says:

        We have just returned from EBC via Gokyo Lakes – travelled from mid Dec to beg Jan. We live in Melbourne Australia but grew up in Durban South Africa so are used to warm weather. While it was cold at night (days were pleasant) I did not find it unbearably cold – certainly not shorts & Tshirt weather but all the tea houses would have fires going in the evening & we would sit around those. It was certainly colder when you went to your room & if you had to get up during the night but once snuggled down in my sleeping bag I was as warm as I wanted.

        Hope this helps.

  4. Himalayan region is amzing in all parts but specially Everest region has more scenery along 4 highest Mountains above 8,000 meters and the close up view of high Mountains. Sherpa culture, Himalayan wildlifes, Monks and Mosastry, flowers are the another part of attraction in Everest Himalayan region. This is beautful land in the Planet and no doubt that everyone has to climb Everest base camp once in a lifetime!

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